Are you a woman looking to start a business? Delaware has a Conference For that!

The Newbies of Women In Business…

It’s no surprise that more and more women are taking things into their own hands, building brands, and making money independently. According to Delaware.Gov in the state of Delaware alone, there is an 11.3 increase of businesses owned by women from 2014 to 2019 and this is vastly increasing!  Women are no longer fearful to step into the realm of entrepreneurship and they shouldn’t be. With that being said, even some of those with the best product or service ideas are hesitant to get started simply because they don’t know what initial steps to take to become successful women in business.  

You have questions about business and MHAB has the answers.

Bri Onley (Middle) and Shi Crawley (right) Introducing themselves at their first MadeHerselfABoss Conference (2018)

Delaware native Brittany Onley and newbie to the state Shinika Crawley heard this concern and decided to form MadeHerselfABoss as the ultimate resource to learn those “steps” and help women take action! What started as an idea for a workshop collaboration to teach women the basics of starting a legit business turned into a full-on conference and community featuring some of Delaware’s (and beyond) best in the “business of business”.  Since it’s first conference in early 2018, they’ve delivered on their promise to provide future women in business with tangible tools to take any woman from dreamer to doer! This is achieved through intensive workshops, uplifting activities, and intentional networking all in just a matter of hours! 

This is something all new Girl Bosses should experience.

This year’s conference shines a heavy light on commonly confusing scenarios girl bosses face early on. This year, attendees will learn the legal steps that should be taken when establishing a business, effective ways to brand and market when starting from zero, and the importance of planning for your wealth from day one! “We are really proud of who we’ve handpicked to educate the ladies”, says its founders.  Brittany added “We always hear the same questions about finding funding, becoming legal and finding your first customers. We’ve been there so we know how it feels. I wish I had attended a conference like this when I started my first business ideas”. 

The lineup for the highly anticipated event includes Jessica Bull Esq, business lawyer;  Genesis Dorsey, Business Consultant and Coach; Tamara Varella, Chief Manifest Officer at Manifest Business Consultants; Tionna Smalls, author and serial entrepreneur, and more successful women in business we could all learn from! 

Check out the rest of the speakers and panelists here

“I’m proud that our conference offers a safe space where women can be vulnerable, voice their fears, and be open to receiving help!”, says Shi recalling the previous conferences. 

Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn how to legally start our business
  • Find out how to sell
  • Learn how branding and marketing unique to you
  • Learn how to stay motivated
  • Ask the pro’s without judgment
  • Network and Collaborate

What to bring:

  • List of your questions
  • Something to take notes
  • Business cards if you have them


March 7th, 2020
Starts at 9:00 am 
Delaware History Museum
504 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Consider the MadeHerselfABoss Conference FabAmbitious Approved!